Building Safe Metal Car ports

Metal CarportsMetal car ports may be either attached to the house or built as free-standing structures. A car port is a more economical option compared to a garage. Besides a car, boat or other vehicle, a spacious carport can be used to store other seasonally used articles. Sometimes, they even serve as recreational or additional work space. For all these reasons, it’s important to ensure that your car port is safe and can withstand tough weather conditions, including heat, rain, heavy wind and snow.

  • Metal carports are more durable and studier than wooden ones
  • Construction of the car port may be simple with pre-manufactured trusses, but make sure to specify the roof pitch and distance being spanned when deciding on the trusses
  • Whether, regular, A-frame or vertical style,ensure the roofing is structurally sound. A heavy wind could blow off the roof, which can cause serious damage to your residence or other nearby buildings
  • Check with the local authorities to see if you need a permit to set up a carport on your property, and if yes, maintain compliance
  • Use metal braces, galvanized steel screws, and good quality lumber
  • Opt for pull-through bays or to enclose the side and ends so that your car port can be locked

Permit rules for metal car ports vary with state and locality. Buying your structure from a reliable vendor ensures design and installation to meet compliance wherever necessary.

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