Building your Utility Carport

Utility CarportA utility carport comes with a car cover in front and an enclosed storage area at the back to store your lawn equipment, tools, children’s toys, and more. Your car and motorcycle can be parked in unenclosed cover which can, on occasion, double as a recreational area.

Some tips to help you custom build your utility carport:

Determine location and size. Level ground is best or else you would have to incur extra costs on digging and site preparation. Size dimensions would have to include those for the unenclosed cover in front as well as the enclosed area at the back. You can have roll-up doors for easy access to the storage area.

You would need permission from the local building authority to set up your carport. To obtain the permit, you have to submit a plan of your proposed structure. Check with the local building department for engineering and design requirements. Prepare a simple plan. It should clearly show where you intend to locate your carport, how far from property boundary lines, proximity to your house, driveway, fences, sidewalks, alleys, streets and so on. The building department uses this information to make sure that you are not breaking any rules with regard to property lines.

If you live in an area with heavy winds and snow, your carport must be built to tolerate these elements. The building department will require you to provide a given Live Load or Snow Load, Wind Rating and Exposure. You can custom build a structure that is certified to withstand high winds of 110 mph, 130 mph and 150 mph and heavy snow loads. Decide roof design. You can choose from regular, A-frame and vertical with panels to match. Make sure your car port design matches that of your house.

Seek the help of your carport dealer to custom build and price out your utility carport. This is the best way to get an affordable solution to your vehicle and equipment storage needs.

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