Bus Canopies, Covers and Garages

Whether you have a personal travel bus or a fleet of sleek, shining corporate tour buses, these vehicles represent a major financial investment. Protect that investment with a high quality bus canopy, bus cover or bus garage. Parking your bus under a steel bus canopy or bus cover or inside a bus garage from Carport Empire protects it from the affects of the sun, wind, snow and rain, preventing  extensive damage to the rubber and fiberglass components of your vehicle. And, it can help keep your bus’ or motorhome’s interior cooler during the hot summer months by shielding it from the sun.

In choosing the right bus canopy, bus cover or bus garage, be sure to specify your vehicle’s length and height. Don’t forget to calculate clearance of air conditioner units and other items mounted on the roof of your bus. Carport Empire offers open bus canopies and bus covers with widths from 12 feet up to 40 feet. The length of your bus canopy, bus cover or enclosed bus garage is unlimited and can be customized for single port, double port and triple port bus canopies, covers and enclosed garages.

For the best possible protection, your bus canopy, cover or garage can be certified, which means they’re engineered to withstand heavy snow loads and wind speeds of 110 mph, 130 mph and 150 mph. Certification also ensures that your bus cover, canopy or garage will meet any city, county and state regulations specific to your area. Carport Empire operates in all 48 contiguous states and our professional installers know exactly what to look for in local permitting requirements to guarantee that you will be in compliance.

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