Buying a Motorhome Cover

Executive Motorhome Steel CoverYour motorhome is a valuable investment and keeping it in good condition means ensuring proper protection from harsh sunlight, dust, wind, hail, rain and snow. Falling debris can also ruin its expensive exterior. That’s why you need a durable motorhome cover. Here are some important factors to consider when shopping for one.

Consider the size of your RV. Motorhomes come in many sizes, with the largest more than 30 feet in length. Dealers offer prefabricated buildings, but you can always opt for a customized solution. You can have the sides left uncovered or choose to have one or two of the sides partially or fully covered. When measuring size, make allowance for the AC units on top as well as the spare wheel, bumpers, ladders and propane cylinders mounted on your recreational vehicle.

The material is important. A strong metal RV cover would be an ideal choice. Polyester tarps and covers are also available, but a metal roof offers more benefits. Purchasing a high quality steel motorhome cover would ensure protection against harmful UV rays, preventing damage to the interior and exterior. Moreover, a steel cover allows proper air circulation and discourages the growth of mold or fungus. With strong steel tubular framing and roof panels, a metal RV cover can withstand heavy winds and storms. You can buy a certified cover that is rated for state and local wind and snow loads.

Always purchase your motorhome cover from an established dealer. This would ensure a customized solution and expert installation services. The right metal RV cover would add appeal and value to your property as well as offer excellent protection for your motorhome. If finance is a constraint, partner with a carport company that offers convenient financing plans for motorhome covers.

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