Car Ports

Carport Empire is the place to order custom and prebuilt car ports. We specialize in pre-manufactured, do-it-yourself, and portable car ports. Our car ports are built to either certified standards, able to pass any and all municipal, county, and state regulations, or, in the case of many farmers and agricultural areas, non-certified. However, certified or not, all of our car ports can support regulatory snow weight, rainfall, and wind resistance.

Our Car Ports Are Top Quality Buildings

Car PortsAll of our car ports, be it one you construct from our kit, or one that is prebuilt for you, are made of 14-guage steel tubular framing and can either have vertical or horizontal roof panels. All of our car ports are standard open construction, with side walls beginning at five to 12 feet. Our standard car ports are open at both ends, for easy access. Custom car ports can be made to suit, with closed sides, or rolling doors that can be opened and closed.

Also we are pleased to announce a new line of portable car ports. Portable car ports have a variety of advantages over our traditional, fixed and stationary car ports. Portable car ports can circumvent regulations and zoning, giving them a lot of flexibility for use. Also, the portable car port is reusable in the event that the property is sold but you want to retain your car port. Finally, portable car ports are different from our standard car ports in that it does not require a concrete foundation on which to build the car port. Instead, the flooring is made of ¾ pressure treated floors with 2×6 floor joist for added support and strength.

So when looking at protecting your property and investments think of Carport Empires car port structures. We cover your property so that you can enjoy it for years to come. Contact us today for prices. We want to help you buy and build your car port and therefore offer financing to help pay for your order. We have financing options that include having no money down, and even rent-to-own options. We are able and willing to work with you in any way possible.

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