Carolina Carports

The Carolina coast offers an enviable lifestyle. Who wouldn’t love to head out to the beach for a relaxing day in the sand and sun or an Atlantic ocean excursion? But all that sand, sun and salty ocean air can do a real number on your vehicle. So, in North Carolina and South Carolina, carports are a near necessity. Particularly for those living within a few miles of the coastline, the overspray and salt in the air can cause rust and corrosion problems and quickly depreciate the value of your investment.

Salt air quickly affects the cosmetic aspects of a car, truck or boat, most noticeably the paint job. Overspray settles and dries on the hood, top and rear deck of cars leaving a thin salt coating that literally eats away at your paint job. The same goes for vinyl tops. Salt weakens vinyl, causing deterioration to begin long before it’s detected visibly. Getting and undercoating and washing your car with a baking soda/water solution helps keep salt damage to a minimum, but the sun also is a factor. Constant exposure to the sun’s rays can significantly lighten a vehicle’s paint job. If you live in the Carolinas, a carport or enclosed garage is vital to protecting your vehicle from nature’s damaging elements, including ocean spray and sunshine.

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