Carport Empire is pleased to announce the arrival of a portable carport. The idea behind this carport is that it doesn’t require the traditional concrete foundation for the carport to be built upon. This is allows greater flexibility in the utility of the carport, as now it is not a fixed structure, while offering protection to your assets and property. Another great benefit is that the portable carport bypasses most municipal, county, and state zoning regulations, granting you greater options to utilize your property’s space. Finally, in the even that you move homes or buildings, the portable carport can go with you, thus giving a larger and longer return on your investment by not being tied down to only one location.

Choosing The Best Carport For Your Vehicle To Park In

CarportThe portable carport design keeps the posts and roofing of the carport the same as our permanent carport structures, but instead of having a concrete foundation, the portable carport uses ¾ pressure treated floors with 2×6 floor joist for further support and strength. Our portable carport structure is still built to code and the roofs are able to withstand normal stresses of wind, snow, rain, and other environmental factors.

We are also expanding our color offerings with our new portable carport structures. We want you to feel like we have not only the best products, which we do, but also the largest variety to fit in with your property. We take great care to ensure that everything we manufacture is up to code. We offer both certified and uncertified carports, as well. We recommend our certified carports for all of your property needs, but also understand that in many rural and agricultural settings that it is not necessary to have certified carports.

Finally we offer hassle-free financing. We want to help you protect your property and do everything we can. We have no cash down options, and rent to own options in many circumstances. We operate in the all of the lower 48 continental United States. We feature both standard and custom made carports and will build to suit. Pre-manufactured and do-it-yourself kits to help you save money or time, depending on which option you decide to purchase. We are here to help.

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