Carport Covers – Various Options to Choose From

Car Covers

A carport cover is an economical way to protect your vehicle and other investments. There are various options to choose from when it comes to carport covers and you need to make the right decision.

  • Attached or free-standing: You can set up the structure as a free-standing unit or one attached to your home. An attached unit offers direct access to your vehicle from your home. With a free-standing unit, you have a lot of flexibility with regard to site and design.
  • Metal carport cover or car canopy: A metal carport is made of either galvanized steel or high quality aluminum. A prefabricated package can be set up with the least hassles as the metal frames come ready to install. You can choose from various metal roof designs such as regular, A-frame horizontal and A-frame vertical. Compared to a metal cover, canopy carport covers are light and portable. They feature metal frames and a strong high quality polyethylene top.
  • Single, double or triple carport: Another choice you would have to make is whether you want a single, double and triple car port. This of course depends on how many vehicles you want to park.
  • Certified or uncertified: City, county and state building permitting regulations depend upon an area’s climatic conditions. Certified car covers are rated for area average snow and wind loads and meet local regulations. They are durable and offer much greater protection for your vehicle than an uncertified cover. If you live in an area that is not subject to severe weather conditions, an uncertified carport cover could serve your purpose.

Before you go shopping for a car port, consider the purpose you expect it to serve. Depend on professional guidance from your carport supplier to make the right decision on your carport cover. With the right supplier, you would get support to build and price a custom solution.

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