Carport Empire’s Vehicle Carports and Carport Garages Won’t Topple

Some folks living at a Phoenix, Arizona apartment complex got stuck for days – or rather, their automobiles did – when two carports were toppled by strong winds. The winds literally yanked the carports from the ground, causing them to tip over and land on top of several residents’ automobiles.

At Carport Empire, we think your carport should stay right where you put it no matter how severe the weather gets. Our single carports, double carports, triple carports, RV carports, boat carports, and carport garages are available as certified structures or uncertified structures. If you choose a certified carport, we guarantee you a sturdy, durable structure that will stay put through Mother Nature’s ugliest fits. Our certified carports are engineered to withstand wind speeds of 110 mph, 130 mph and 150 mph, as well as hold up against heavy snow loads. And the engineering can be tailored to meet specific certification requirements by city, county and state ordinances.

Carport Empire’s installation professionals know all the variables at play when it comes to installing your new carport in a way that assures safety and durability of your investment. Don’t chance damage to your vehicles or your neighbors’ vehicles or other property, and certainly don’t take any chances with the safety of your family and visitors. Let Carport Empire install a high-quality, certified carport or carport garage for you today. Contact us via our convenient online “Contact Carport Empire” form or call us at 888-985-7678 today.

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