Carport Empire Certified Buildings

When you buy one of our structures here at Carport Empire, you’ll want to ensure that it is built and installed in compliance with your state and local laws.  Each state has different laws that govern these structures. Right here within our website, we have provided you with the laws that govern your particular state. We offer two different kinds of structures built by or installed by Carport Empire.  One of them would be classified as a certified building and the other would be classified as an uncertified building.  There are some main differences between the two. Whether your state requires a certified building or not can be a large determining factor for a lot of specifics regarding your project.  Let’s take a look at the concept of certified buildings.

A certified building is basically referring to the fact that the laws that govern your area on this particular subject require you to have a permit pulled if you would like to have one of these structures put onto your property.  You would need to do this so your town or city can confirm that a garage, carport, or whatever you buy from us is built in accordance with the local building codes.  Please note that it is up to the buyer to determine if permits need to be pulled in your specific area. Here at Carport Empire, we make sure that the structure you buy from us is engineered to pass any kind of inspection that may take place.  We will work with you in order to find out all of the rules that govern the installation in your local area.

Now that you have a better understanding of certified buildings, we invite you to browse our products again.  Educating our clients and providing them as much information as possible is important to us.  you here at Carport Empire so we make our pre, during, and post job relationship go as smooth as possible.  Please do not forget to inquire about our special shipping and finance rates, those who qualify in some cases can get 0 down financing!

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