Carport Empire has the widest choice of covers for your boat

It’s your baby – it’s your obsession – it’s your great source of enjoyment. You’re not going to let it sit lonely out in the weather, are you? Boat owners are always faced with the question of what to do with their boats during those sad times when not on the water. Some rely on flimsy boat covers, but we know those thin fabric covers really aren’t the best protection.

Carport Empire has the widest choice of covers for your boat, for a simple kayak you put on top of your car to take to the lake or a trailered yacht which is a wide load going down the highway. Steel building and carport-style covers offer permanent protection for your vessels, providing a sturdy home sheltered from the elements. You can choose a completely enclosed building with several styles of doors and openings, all of which can be securely locked for complete protection. Or, a carport-style covering, either free-standing or attached to an enclosed building, provides protection from damaging weather and burning sun and gives you constant, easy access to your boat.

Several soft top canopy choices are also available, all made from rugged and durable materials. Soft top canopies can be portable and moved on your property as circumstances change. Carport Empire structures can be customized for almost any location on your property, including placement on and near docks, depending on your choice of coverings. Every Carport Empire covering choice is available in multiple styles and colors, but all have in common Carport Empire’s professional design, craftsman construction, and manufacture from only the best components.

Help and consultation is only a phone call away; the years of experience of Carport Empire’s highly trained sales staff provides you with a wealth of knowledge to access to answer any question, or design any structure to fit your needs.

Need something completely different than you think anyone else has? Not a problem – Carport Empire’s staff likes to turn dreams and ideas into reality.

All Carport Empire structures and soft top canopies are available in every Lower 48 state, and free shipping and installation is standard. Ask about zero-down financing programs, and Carport Empire is happy to accept your VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit and charge cards.

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