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Realize the arsenal of storage solutions we have for you! Take a moment and quickly survey your home or commercial property. What storage solutions can best suit you? Do you have a car, truck, or RV that needs cover from severe weather and outside debris? We have a number of single, double, and triple-sized carports and RV covers to address that need. Are you running out of space in your home or commercial property? Purchase one of our garages to free space and relieve yourself of storage anxiety. Do you have farm equipment, tools, seasonal items, and more that need storage? Check out our selection of steel barns and storage buildings to easily meet your demands.

Steel Motor Home Covers and Metal Barns in Addition to Carports!

Some people seek other means such as commercial storage solutions to address their needs. Why pay for commercial storage when we have a number of garages at affordable prices? In addition, how much more convenient is it for our customers to walk out their back doors to their garages rather than drive across town to a commercial storage unit? The solution for home storage is simple; steel garages will address your storage needs! Take a look at our large selection; we have something for everyone. Don’t see any garages that fit your needs? Talk to our customer service department about getting our specialists to custom-build a storage building.

Are you worried about affording one of our storage buildings or carports? We make purchasing easy for all of our customers. We offer financing on all of our steel barns, RV covers, carports, and other storage solutions. You won’t be turned away due to bad or no credit. We want you to enjoy the ownership of one of our garages!

Call Our Custom Carport Expert To Discuss Your Needs

We have a wide selection of colors for you to choose from so you can match the color of your home, garage, and other buildings on your property. We have been supplying happy customers with certified and non-certified garages for a long time; we are the storage solution experts. Look around our site and contact our sales department, so you can get moving on purchasing a new storage solution today!


42x26x12 Steel Carport Open Garage
This 18X26 steel carport garage features two 12X26 “lean to” canopies. The unit provides great cover for your motor home and two additional vehicles or travel trailers. This popular steel building has an 18X26 center section with a gable roof and boxed eaves for added protection. A 12X26 canopy extends from both sides of the main motorhome cover with roof-to-ground closed metal side walls making this a versatile steel garage with open ends for easy access.

18x41x12 Steel Carport Open Garage
This is our most popular steel carport garage for large executive motorhomes and over-sized recreational vehicles or travel trailers. The 18X41 metal cover features 12-foot legs with a lofted roof centerline and rounded eaves. Two 3-foot wide metal panels extend from the roof down both sides of this unit for added protection of your RV. This metal RV cover can be purchased with or without our engineer’s stamp of approval.

18x21x12 Steel Carport Open Garage
This 18X21 steel carport features 12-foot legs with an additional centerline height of 3 feet. Two 12X21 “lean to” sections are attached to either side of the RV cover with a slopping steel gable roof to 10-foot outside legs. Open sides and open ends make this a versatile option for storing your expensive recreational vehicles, travel trailers, boat trailers or farm equipment.

18x36x12 Steel Canopy Open Garage
Our 18X36 durable steel canopy with 12-foot legs makes for a perfect large or executive motor home cover at a very competitive price. Protect your RV’s roof, exterior plastic and rubber components from the sun, wind and snow. You don’t have to expose your investment to bad weather and harsh outdoor elements any longer.

18x31x10 Motor Home Carport
Our 18X31 steel motor home carport comes standard with 10-foot legs and extra panels on each side for added protection from the sun, wind or snow. This smart Buy Now package can keep your recreational vehicle looking new for years to come. Featuring a raised centerline gable roof, this unit is open at both ends for easy access and has double side panels running the full length of the steel canopy.


22x26x10 Steel Building
Our 22X26 durable steel building with 10-foot walls is one of our most popular and versatile enclosed garage units. This Buy Now package features two (2) 9X7 roll-up garage doors for easy entrance to either bay and has one walk-in door with two side windows to allow for outside light. At these prices, our 22X26 steel buildings make for an exceptional value in per-square-foot space in an enclosed two-bay garage building.

20x21x19 Enclosed Garage
This attractive single-bay 20X21 enclosed garage features one (1) 9X7 roll-up garage door with a one (1) standard walk-in door. It is one of our most versatile Buy Now packages. The single bay access allows you to easily store that vintage car, your jet skis & trailer, the ATVs you use for hunting or a collection of favorite dirt bikes. And, you will still have all the room you need for your workshop.

30x26x10 Steel Garage
This awesome 30X26 enclosed steel garage is a Buy Now package that anyone would love to own. Our durable steel building provides you with 750 square feet of floor space that you can own for as little as $11.67 per square foot. Carport Empire can install this enclosed steel building on your level ground or bolt it to your 30X25 concrete slab for the low, low price of $8755.

18x26x10 Steel Garage Building
Our 18X26 enclosed steel garage building with 10-foot high walls offers you the best of both worlds by attaching a 12X26 carport. What a perfect unit for the person needing a durable metal building that provides ample space for storage and cover. The two garage windows allow for an ample amount of natural lighting while the 10X8 roll-up garage door allows easy access to the metal building’s storage area.


18x21x10 Metal Carport Building
Our 18X21 enclosed metal garage building with a 10X8 roll-up garage door is one of our most popular steel buildings. This Buy Now package features a standard walk-in door that makes for easy access to storage or work areas and the single window allows for natural light to enter. If your requirements differ from our layout or size, Carport Empire can always build your unit smaller or larger as needed. Let our qualified steel buildings technician help you design the perfect enclosed garage.

22x31x10 Metal Carport Garage
Our 22X31 enclosed steel carport garage is one of our best sellers and for good reasons. The extra carport end panels and eave trim dress this carport garage building up to match the roofline of most homes built with a gable style roof. With 13 unique colors to choose from, you can design the perfect out building for your home at a very affordable price.


18x21x6 Steel Carport 18x21x6
Carport Empire’s 18X21 steel carport is our standard introduction for two-car carports. This affordable Buy Now package comes with 6-foot legs. Support braces have been added to a very functional gable roof with box eaves. The raised centerline of the roof and open ends make it easy to load and unload from parked vehicles. This durable steel carport can be upgraded in size to fit the length and/or width of your particular requirements.

20x31x6 Utility Carport
Our 20X31 steel utility carport comes standard with 6-foot legs, a gable roof and rounded eaves. This very versatile metal cover has plenty of room for a variety of your vehicles, farm equipment or boat & trailer. It can also provide protective shelter for your family cookout or kid’s birthday party on a rainy day. In addition, the 5X20 enclosed storage area features a 6X6 roll-up garage door for easy access and the enclosed area can be upgraded to a larger size for just a little extra.

12x21x7 Steel Carport
Our 12X21 steel carport with 7-foot legs is one of our most popular Buy Now packages. If you are looking for a smart investment in a durable steel cover to protect your investment, this unit is a perfect single-vehicle metal cover. The gable roof is boxed at each end and the sides have double steel panels placed to provide added protection from nature’s harsh elements.

20x21x6 Steel Car Port
Our 20X21 durable steel carport is the perfect metal cover for today’s slightly oversized trucks and sports utility vehicles. This unit features 6-foot leg height and a gable roof with a raised centerline for plenty of headroom. We’ve added 2 feet to the width to provide extra space for getting in and out of your vehicles.

18x21x6 Steel Carport
Our 18X21 steel carport with extra side panels is the solution you’ve been looking for to protect two vehicles from nature’s harshest elements. The 6-foot leg height and the raised centerline of the gable roof is open at both ends to make this a perfect automotive cover, boat cover or protective metal cover for farm equipment. With a raised center height of about 9 feet, this durable steel cover can handle taller vehicles or Carport Empire can upgrade your two-car carport to accommodate a high-hat van or other tall things that you need to protect.

18x21x5 Two-Car Carport
Our 18X21 two-car carport with 5-foot leg height is one of the most affordable Buy Now packages ever offered. The gable roof features a raised centerline for more headroom and the rounded eaves provide added side protection for your vehicles at no additional costs. This affordable Buy Now package is an ideal cover for today’s smaller vehicles or can be used as a durable boat cover or farm equipment cover.


36x21x12 Steel Barn
Our 36X21 steel barn is designed to be a versatile farm building and features three 12X21 sections to accommodate livestock, feed and farm equipment. The center section has a 12-foot leg height with open gable ends to allow for ease of pulling ranch and farm equipment through the main canopy. Both of the barn’s 12X21 sides have closed ends and the outside walls are closed with six framed openings to allow for adequate ventilation making this an ideal choice for a horse barn.

42x21x12 Barn
Our 42X21 barn provides excellent cover for your farm or ranch equipment at a very affordable cost. You can’t repair that old, falling down equipment shed for the costs of owning a brand new steel barn from Carport Empire. This unit features 12-foot legs on the center bay to allow for taller farm equipment or for a truck loaded with hay to pull through the open ends. The durable steel roof covers both 12X21 lean-to canopies as the gable roof slopes to 10-foot outer legs.

18x26x12 Barn
Our smart Buy Now package features one of the best-selling steel barns available. The 18X26 center bay comes standard with 12-foot legs and a durable-steel paneled gable roof that has open ends for easy access. The gable roof provides for a raised centerline height and both ends and sides are covered for added protection. The lean-to carports measure 12X26 with an outer leg height of 9 feet and the sidewalls are paneled making this a very attractive enclosed steel barn.

18x21x10 Barn
This Carport Empire Buy Now package can be the perfect addition to your farm or ranch. The 18X21 center section features 10-foot steel legs with a durable gable roof that adds a 3-foot rise in the centerline to allow for taller farm equipment or a ranch truck loaded with hay. On both sides of the pull-thru center, 12X21 lean-to covers add plenty of space for storing farm vehicles, ranch equipment or that favorite bass boat.


12x21x8 Storage Building
Our 12X21 storage building comes standard with 8-foot legs and a single 10X8 roll-up garage door. Walk-in doors and trimmed windows can be added to meet your personal requirements. This unit’s simple design will provide you with easy access and 100% usable interior space.

18x21x8 Steel Building
Our 18X21 steel building with a single 10X8 roll-up garage door is one of the most popular units that we sell. This unit features a standard walk-in door for convenient access and a window to allow for sunlight. When you buy a steel storage building from Carport Empire you get more storage for less money. Our steel buildings are designed to protect your stored possessions for a lifetime.


Pump House Cover 10×10 or 12×12
Our 10X10 steel buildings and 12X12 steel buildings make a perfect pump house cover for well pump or swimming pool filtration system. Leaving your pumps and motors exposed to nature’s elements can result in costly damages from rust and corrosion. Carport Empire can keep you covered and protected. Both of our metal buildings come with standard 6-foot legs and one walk-in door for easy access.