Carports and Emergency Preparedness

One of things people don’t think about when they consider buying a carport, is that it can offer protection for your vehicle during severe weather. Between tornadoes, hurricanes, and severe thunderstorms, there is a lot of potential for damage to your car if you leave it unprotected against the worst of the elements.

Hurricane Sandy and other severe weather events in America damaged a lot of property in 2012. Of course, in cases of flooding, it doesn’t matter if your car is covered or not, but in the case of falling and wind blown debris, keeping your vehicle covered is the best protection against damage. Wind damage isn’t covered by all insurance policies, so protecting your car by keeping it in a carport can save you money on insurance options. In fact, some insurance providers offer discounts for car owners with covered parking spaces.

Keeping your vehicle under carport is also helpful is less extreme weather situations. Hail storms are possible year round and can occur in any part of the the country (before you ask, that includes Alaska). Meteorologists estimate that there are over 5,500 hail storms every year. If you live in an area like Colorado, where hail storms are common, the amount you save in repairs for hail damage would easily cover the cost of adding a carport. The average repair bill for hail damage is between  $2,000 and $3,000.

If you decide to add a carport your home, be sure to have installed by a professional who can ensure the structure is properly anchored and secured to withstand high winds. The pros at CarportEmpire.com can help you find a carport that is perfect for your home and vehicle.

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