Garages, Carports and More – Increasing the Value of Your Home

As the economy continues to inch toward recovery, many homeowners are thinking about affordable, effective ways to increase the values of their homes. Among the top added-values to homes are quality carports, garages and more storage options, Realtors say.

An enclosed garage is a top choice for adding value to your home or property for multiple reasons. Not only does an enclosed garage protect your vehicles and other stored items, but it also can be outfitted as a laundry area or workshop. Add seating, a small refrigerator or cooler and a few games and you’ve got a fun place to hang with the family (or the guys – think DIY Network’s “Man Caves”).

If you own a smaller property with little room for a garage, more options are available. Consider a carport. Carport Empire’s single, double and triple carports are ideal for protecting your car, boat, tractor and other equipment from rain, snow, tree sap and other environmental elements. Carports typically are open structures, but yours can be customized with rollup doors that completely enclose the unit, offering an affordable and more portable alternative to an enclosed garage.

Carport Empire’s durable, tubular steel carports, garages and more come in a range of sizes and colors and can be built to suit if you’re looking for specific dimensions and features. Roof styles and enclosure and access options also are available. For instance, your carport can be built for access from the front/back or from the sides. More storage options include steel barns and metal livestock enclosures, and steel storage buildings ideal for everything from your riding lawn mower to your bass boat to a playhouse for your kids.

Carports, garages and more storage options not only add to the enjoyment of your home while you’re living there, but also assure a higher resale value when you decide to sell.

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