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Vehicle Carports

Carports are the perfect way to keep your vehicle and other possessions protected from exposure to nature’s elements such as rain, hail, or even heat from the sun. Enclosing a carport can easily be done and you can install whichever size you need; single, double or even a triple design. Whether you need a carport for a car, truck, boat, or even farm equipment, it can be done! Besides the obvious benefits carports have, there are several other benefits that installing a carport can give you. Continue reading

Steel Barns: The Perfect Venue for a Motorcycle Repair Business

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast?  We find that people who are into motorcycles are often very passionate about it and we can relate because we take the same approach to our passions as well here at Carport Empire. Many motorcycle repair shops get started as the business morphs from a hobby. One problem that you may have during the exciting infancy stages of your business is having enough space so you can adequately serve your clients.  Have you ever thought of a steel barn to house your business? Continue reading

Turning a Metal Building into an Efficient Storage Shed

Most homeowners will tell you they could always use extra storage space. After all, you acquire a lot of stuff when you own a home. Basements, garages, and attics turn into games of Tetris. You maneuver boxes and other knick-knacks trying to optimize the amount of space you have. But, eventually, there are no more moves to be made. You’re simply out of space. So, you turn to a storage shed. But how do you make sure the same thing doesn’t happen there? How do you get the most out of your storage shed? Continue reading

Metal Buildings vs. Concrete Buildings

For years—decades even—home owners, business owners, and developers have gone back and forth over metal buildings versus concrete buildings. Even as steel continues to grow in popularity, some builders and property owners lobby for concrete. For some, it’s merely a personal preference. For most, it’s a matter of cost and structural integrity. So, with that criteria in mind—cost and structural integrity—let’s compare metal buildings to concrete buildings. Continue reading

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