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Metal Carports, Certified or Non-Cerfied

Many people are having a hard time determining whether or not to buy a certified or non certified metal carport. Carports in most areas have to meet certain requirements in areas that may be effected by high winds or heavy snow. Metal carports can be purchased with a certified wind rating to guarantee the consumer that the carport will stand up to a high velocity wind. These metal carports will be delivered and installed with anchors that are rated for the wind load in the area it will be installed. Certified metal carports will also carry a set of blueprints used for any permitting that may be needed to install the carport. Continue reading

Metal Garages For Sale

In case you haven’t noticed on our website, Carport Empire has some amazing metal garages for sale right now. Metal garages can be great for protecting all sorts of equipment. If you have a garage now, and it’s filled with junk you’re afraid to throw away, it might be time to invest in a metal garage. These garages can go anywhere on your property. Continue reading

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