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5 Uses for Metal Carports and Steel Buildings

Carport Empire offers a complete supply of carports and garages in various sizes that are accommodating various needs. While one may originally think a metal carport or garage are just for cars, they may be missing out on some of the other benefits and uses for these steel buildings. Continue reading

Hurricane Preparedness – Important Tips and Safety Information

Typically, hurricane season in the Atlantic is from June 1 to November 30. Activity is high in August, and peaks in September and October. Heavy rains that cause flooding can be the most disturbing element of hurricanes. As hurricanes hit the East Coast, you would be affected if you live along the Atlantic Seaboard. Being prepared is crucial if you live in a state that is susceptible. Here are some important tips: Continue reading

Thinking Outside the Box with Your next Carport

Are you having an event in the near future and are looking for a cost effective way to bring shelter to your venue? Our carports are not only for the usual car storage, but can be used for numerous things such as your next special event. Whether it be a family reunion, graduation picnic, wedding reception or corporate day luncheon; your carport can, in all actuality, be dressed up or dressed down to meet any need you have. Continue reading

Green Your Carport, Garage or Utility Building

Going green is no longer a tagline for the trendsetters, it’s an accepted and expected way of life and it can easily be incorporated into building and outfitting your new metal carport, metal garage or metal utility building. Continue reading

Turn your Enclosed Metal Carport, Metal Garage or Metal Building into a Music Studio

Are you an up-and-coming professional music producer? Got a teenage future rock star in the house? Or is Dad aching to relive his own garage band glory days? Whether for professional use or just for fun, you can turn your enclosed metal carport, metal garage or metal building into a working music studio with a few simple soundproofing tricks. Continue reading

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