Certification, Zoning Requirements, and Building Codes for Steel Garages

Meeting the necessary certification, zoning requirements, and building codes for steel garages is often seen by homeowners as a major barrier to getting the type of structure they want.  While getting required permits and approvals can take some time, getting steel garages put in place usually follows a similar path regardless of the city or municipality in which you live. The process can be divided into two steps:

* The first is to learn your local zoning restrictions concerning the installation of steel garages. Generally speaking, set backs from adjoining property lines and the street will be defined. Another issue will likely concern the distance of the steel garage from the house or other structures on the property. If the planned structure is connected to the home or within a specified distance, fireproofing requirements may have to be met. This aspect isn’t a problem for steel garages due to their high resistance to fire.

* The second step for steel garages is the creation of the building plan. Many manufacturers keep databases of local building codes and certification requirements which can prove to be a huge help in getting the necessary approvals. Certification requirements typically cover the rated snow and ice loads as well as the capacity of the structure to withstand heavy winds. Depending on the specifics of the location of the steel garage, certification can also be required for flooding and seismic activity. These certifications are stamped with an engineer’s approval and then only need to be submitted with the other applications and documentation required by the local zoning board or planning committee.

Prior to signing the contract for steel garages of any type, you should make sure that your structure passes all local building requirements. Making any necessary changes with the manufacturer at this stage will prove to be much easier and less expensive than being forced to alter plans or the building at a later date.

Plan on paying some fees for your permitting process. These fees can range upward from $25 for a permit application with other fees required as the process rolls along. Tight budgets at the municipal level have led to increases in these fees in some places. Keep in mind that whatever you’re paying for your permitting process, it will be a small fraction of what it will cost should you get caught with an unapproved structure after it’s built.

The team at Carport Empire makes the approval process for steel garages as simple as possible. For more information on navigating your local permitting process,  call (800) 985 7678.

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