Certified and Non-Certified Metal Carports For Sale

Where are you planning on building your carport? If you are planning on installing a carport on a business or corporate piece of land, then you may need a permit. Permits are required for safety purposes. They ensure that employees and others on the construction site are protected from faulty material and unregulated projects.

If your property requires a permit, then when installing a carport you may need to purchase a certified carport. Certified carports have undergone rigorous standard testing to ensure their safety, reliability and stability. They are stamped for approval by engineers and are especially designated as strong enough to stand up to the test of environmental and workplace hazards.

There are certain benefits that come with buying a certified carport, including:

  • Regulated standards for safety
  • High quality materials
  • Meets workplace standards
  • Safe for use under heavy-duty situations

Certified carports are equipped with additional anchors and security materials to ensure higher levels of reliability and durability.

Certified vs. Non-Certified

Certified carports pull out all the stops to ensure that your shed or storage unit meets every safety standard it goes up against. However, there are also plenty of non-certified carports that also meet high levels of durability and reliability, without the additional regulation requirements.

Non-certified carports are ideal for home and non-corporate use, creating a durable storage solution that is ideal for your extra cars, boats, RVs and other equipment. Since non-certified carports often don’t need to go through quite as much regulation, they are sometimes more affordable than the certified models.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking non-certified carports are less safe or effective than their certified counterparts. Non-certified carports are made of the same materials and come under similar warrantees as the certified models, but are more customizable to the needs of the home or private workspace.

Consider the pros and cons of certified and non-certified carports when making your next storage solution purchase. Prior to making a final decision, make sure that your project doesn’t require a certified carport to meet permitting requirements. Getting the wrong type of carport for your project needs could result in faulty materials, fines and even safety issues if you are not careful.

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