Choosing Flooring for your Enclosed Carport, Garage or Metal Building

Want to spruce up your enclosed carport, garage or metal building? Adding flooring is a great way to not only give your structure an upgraded look, but add value to your home and protect your floor from mud, oil, paint and auto fluids (depending on the type of flooring you choose).Your Carport Empire enclosed carport, garage or metal building will be installed on a smooth concrete slab. This affords you a solid foundation for your new structure but it’s not exactly an upscale look – yet! Concrete pigment, polish, epoxy or paint can transform a plain slab into a beautiful new floor at a surprisingly affordable cost.

If you’re just now preparing for your new enclosed carport, garage or storage building and haven’t yet poured your concrete slab, you can have a beautiful floor right from the get-go with a little forethought and planning. Ask your concrete slab installer to add a concrete pigment in your color choice to the concrete mix. Concrete pigments are finely ground colored particles that add color to a wet concrete mix. The idea isn’t new – pulverized minerals and charcoal were used in ancient cave paintings that remain vivid for thousands of years. Today, both natural and synthesized pigments are processed with modern techniques that allow for more intense coloring. Pigments come in every imaginable color and many providers can create custom colors that perfectly fit your unique style.

Another option for a gorgeous enclosed carport, garage or metal building floor is concrete polishing. Similar to sanding wood, concrete polishing employs heavy-duty polishing machines that use diamond abrasives in metallic and resin matrixes to gradually grind down the top surface of your concrete floor to remove minor pits, blemishes and stains to produce a stunning shine and smoothness. A final run with a commercial polishing compound will leave a high-gloss, dirt-resistant finish. Polishing of a pigmented concrete slab will create a beautiful floor that your neighbors and guests will envy.

Carport and garage floor epoxy affords you a showroom-like floor that resists typical wear-and tear factors such as automotive fluid stains, hot tire marks and paint stains. It beads water and wipes up as easily as your kitchen counter. It’s available in a range of colors and gloss levels, and can be installed by flooring professionals or by using a do-it-yourself epoxy kit. These kits are available at home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s or via a multitude of specialty flooring providers. Installing epoxy flooring involves cleaning and etching your concrete slab to remove any dirt, dust or residue. Then, you’ll mix the epoxy paint and epoxy hardener and use a paint roller to cover the entire floor with one or two coats. While the epoxy is still wet, you’ll sprinkle color chips, using more chips for deeper coloring. Give the paint 12-24 hours (longer if you’re in a humid climate) to dry, then roll on a mixture of epoxy hardener and clear topcoat. (Look for more on installing epoxy flooring in our next blog).

If you’re on a tight budget, a few coats of a 100% latex paint in your choice of colors is a less expensive option. You’ll want to prepare your carport, garage or metal building floor with a concrete bonding primer (available at your local hardware store) first, and you’ll likely need to tou

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