Choosing the Right Car Port for your Vehicle

Car PortsYour cars, boats, RVs – all can be protected from the harsh elements of Mother Nature with a quality metal cover. When it comes to choosing the car port for your vehicle, there are many options available.

Carport companies offer an extensive range of steel and aluminum carports. Metal carports are permanent, durable, and sturdy and can provide great protection for your vehicles. The strength and flexibility of steel combined with its ability to resist fire, weather, make steel carports an ideal solution. Aluminum structures are rust-resistant, and will not crack or become infested with bugs. They are available as certified and non-certified structures. Certified structures comply with state or local building codes where permitting is required. These are backed by an engineered seal of approval and have a snow load or wind load rating. Non-certified structures are typically intended for agriculture use or where permitting is not required. They are not backed by engineered plans.

Available in wide array of sizes, these car covers come in varying designs, styles, and sizes – and prices. You can choose from single, double and triple car ports. The different roofing styles available are Regular, Boxed Eave, and Vertical. You can even buy them in a preferred color to suit the rest of your home environment.

Once you decide to purchase a car cover, think about the purpose you would like your carport to serve, as well as the size and style you would prefer. Then opt for a ‘Buy Now’ package or take time to customize a solution to meet your specific needs.

An established distributor like Carport Empire can provide a wide range of carports for your vehicle. They can also install your car port with proper lighting, ventilation and other essentials. The company provides installation and shipping in all 48 U.S continental states and even offers financing options for qualified buyers.

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