Choosing the Right Type of Car Port for Your Home

Car ports are an affordable way to provide cover for cars. They involve no more than a roof supported by wood, metal or concrete columns. There are several types of car ports and you need to choose the one that’s right for your home. The structures may be enclosed on three sides and if large enough, can accommodate an enclosed storage space and workbenches. Some important considerations:

  • Do you want a free-standing structure or one that is attached to your home? An independent structure can be set a few yards or feet from the house, while an attached car port is just an extension to the house, with poles to hold up the roof. Some houses look better with a detached car port. In any case, choose a design and color that blends with your environment. It’s important to maintain the character of your home.
  • Do you want a wood or metal car port? A wooden car cover is open to risks such as fire and damage from weather, termites and other pests. On the other hand, a metal carport can give you peace of mind. You can choose between aluminum which comes with protective weather coating, and steel which is more expensive. You can also opt for a pre-fabricated metal canopy or tent – all you need to do is to fix a simple, overhead pop-up cover over embedded metal poles. Canopies, available in durable polythene or metal, are easy and quick to set up.

Be aware of the necessary dimensions for your car port, how length and width are determined and the right clearance space to allow for easy entry and exit of your car or cars. If you plan to store equipment, make sure it is placed where it is least likely to be damaged. Your car port vendor can help you build a customized option to suit your needs and budget. A building permit is necessary in most states to set up a carport or garage, so make sure you file the application with your city’s building department.

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