Cleaning Your Metal Garage, Metal Storage Building or Metal Carport

A Carport Empire metal garage, metal storage building or metal carport is an investment that you can expect to last for many years. Our products are made with only the strongest most durable products and installed by highly trained professionals. So when it comes to cleaning your painted structure, we’ve got some helpful tips.

Painted metal garages, metal storage buildings and metal carports often collect airborne dirt, organic residues (such as pollen), mildew and chalk. Mildew typically shows up in areas that remain moist for extended times, such as north-facing walls and areas that are sheltered by eaves or nearby trees that block the sunlight from drying rain, for instance. Chalk is a natural byproduct of paint degraded by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. What many believe is fading of the paint is actually a buildup of this chalky film that covers the paint, making it appear lighter and less glossy.

Mildew and chalk are most effectively removed by a good pressure washing. Hire a local pressure washing service, or buy a consumer grade pressure washer from most any hardware store. Prices range from about $300 to nearly $2,000.

To clean airborne dirt or organic residues, first rinse the entire surface of your metal garage, metal storage building or metal carport with a water hose. Mix a solution of mild cleaner and water, such as ¼ cup of phosphate-free laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, bleach or ammonia per gallon of water.

When using bleach or ammonia be sure to mix the solution in a well ventilated area. Scrub soiled areas with a soft sponge or cloth. To reach high walls, use a soft bristled brush on pole or a sponge mop. Avoid using harsh items like steel wool or hard-bristled brushes, as they may scratch or dull the paint. Once you’re done, thoroughly rinse the entire area, as some cleaners may leave a residue. Make sure the water sheets off the metal. If you see bubbles or beads, rewash the area with the soap solution and rinse again.

Keep your Carport Empire metal garage, metal storage building or metal carport looking brand new for years to come.

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