Commercial Carports

If you’re the owner of a company of any size, commercial carports can have multiple uses for your business. Open carports can give your employees a shady place to park their vehicles or to enjoy an alfresco lunch. Large, open commercial carports also can be used to cover your fleet of corporate vehicles or equipment including tractor trailers and machinery, protecting them from the rain.

Carports can be enclosed using large, rollup doors. Carport Empire offers this customization with doors up to 16-feet wide and 14-feet high. Enclosed commercial carports are great for workshops, warehouses, industrial offices and staging areas for employees to meet, pick up supplies or drop off deliveries. Commercial carports also can be used to hide unsightly items, including trash bins and dumpsters, and equipment awaiting repair.

Commercial carports can be engineered for certification required by city, county and state regulations. They can be snow load rated and wind speed rated, with engineering plans that withstand 110 mph, 130 mph and 150 mph wind loads to assure the best protection for your business’s equipment and supplies.

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