Design your own carport floor

Carports can be considered as a piece of art. The beautiful designs, smooth finishes and breathtaking colors make it a form of art on its own. But your efforts to make a masterpiece may go in vain if the carport floor is of mediocre standard. So, special considerations should be made to give your carport the best look possible. This will also considerably improve the look of your house.

Material Used for Floor Construction

The car parked on the floor is very heavy so your carport floor should be steel enforced. Common materials selected for carport floor are cement, concrete brush and paving block. To give your carport floor a different look, you can chose to use new material. The only thing that should be kept under consideration is that, the material used should not be slippery. Use of coarse materials like brush rocks, stone paste or any other rough textured material would make your carport unique.

Designing of Your Floor

You can adopt different car floor design which will make your to stand out amongst others. You can choose certain floors which are not usually used for the construction of carport floor as long as they provide the necessary strength. Some of these designs are.

Concrete brush-Natural Stone are small carol stone used for floor construction. These stones come in different colors you a wider choice.

Concrete brush- Broken tiles offer a unique and affordable option for your carport. Your can always take the broken tiles remainder from a construction site to make this kind of floor. These brush ceramics give a very unique look to your carport.

Concrete brush- Exposed Bricks a very good option for your carport. They usually make a great contrast with your garage.

Carports add to the architectural heritage of our country. So, when you are getting a carport constructed, try to make this heritage as unique as possible.

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