Getting Started: Two Initial Considerations for Your Metal Garage

The process of buying a metal garage that serves all of your needs starts with two considerations which will greatly determine the design and construction of your garage. The first (and probably the most obvious) consideration is the intended use or uses of the structure.

Depending on how the metal garage will be used, the design can be very a very simple arch style, also known as a Quonset hut. These became popular during World War II for their ease of construction, built from a series of interlocking metal ribs that form the roof and sides of the building.  A Quonset hut style metal garage doesn’t offer much in the way of customization options, allowing only for doors and windows to be added in the endwalls. The sides usually cannot be modified. Another disadvantage of the Quonset hut style metal garage is that, due to the arch shaped design, the overhead clearance drops away quickly as you get further away from the center line of the building.

If the use of the metal garage calls for uses beyond basic protection of a vehicle, a Quonset hut style structure probably won’t be the right solution. Here, a rigid frame style metal garage will likely provide the best answer. This type of metal garage is built with a metal skeleton frame and flat steel panels for the side walls and roof. This type of structure offers a plethora of customization options ranging from doors and windows in any wall to the inclusion of plumbing, skylights, wiring, and ventilation. Rigid frame style metal garages can also be easily expanded and modified over time.

The second consideration regards building code requirements that will govern the specifics of your metal garage. Imposed by state and/or local authorities, these regulations will likely include certification of load bearing capacity for snow and ice as well as the structure’s ability to withstand heavy winds. Additional building code requirements may include local zoning considerations and drainage requirements.

Metal building companies can provide assistance in researching and abiding by the building codes which will govern your project. In most cases, a supplier will not ship a metal garage that doesn’t meet local building codes. Still, getting independent confirmation that your metal garage will meet local standards isn’t a bad idea. To start your own process of defining the best metal garage to meet your needs, call Carport Empire at (800) 985 7678.

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