Green Your Carport, Garage or Utility Building

Going green is no longer a tagline for the trendsetters, it’s an accepted and expected way of life and it can easily be incorporated into building and outfitting your new metal carport, metal garage or metal utility building.

Simply by choosing a metal structure, you’ve already made a great green choice. Metal construction requires no harmful chemicals such as resin, adhesive, wood treatments or pesticides commonly used in traditional wood frame construction. Metal is highly resistant to water, mold and mildew which can emit harmful toxin into the air you and your family breathe. Metal and steel building elements also are 100% recyclable at the end of a structure’s usable life. And Carport Empire’s metal carports, metal garages and metal utility buildings are built to last – particularly if they’re certified, meaning that they’re engineered to withstand heavy snow loads and high wind speeds.

Metal enclosed carports, enclosed garages and steel utility buildings are easy to insulate, which can help conserve energy, further control moisture and resist pest invasions. Reflective insulation is made with aluminum foil, which is completely nontoxic. Foam board and spray foam insulation contains no HCFCs, VOCs or Formaldehyde and does not settle or give off gasses over time, as do some other sealant products. It completely seals your structure, keeping outdoor pollutants and allergens out, which makes for a healthier hangout space – an important consideration if your enclosed carport, garage or utility building will be used for a children’s playroom, workshop, office or the like.

Lighting your open carport or the exterior of your enclosed garage or metal building can be achieved with solar light fixtures or compact fluorescent bulbs. Motion sensor lights help save energy and money because they’re only on when someone is in or near the structure. If your carport, garage or utility building has a window, use a blackout curtain to help keep out sunlight and heat. And if you’re structure houses your water heater, wrap the heater in an insulating blanket to help contain heat.

To learn more about metal carports, garages and buildings and their eco-friendly attributes, contact Carport Empire at 1-800-985-7678.

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