How to Disassemble Your Metal Carport

Versatility is one of the great things about owning a metal carport. You can establish it when needed and take it down when you want.  Read the following instructions on how to remove your metal carport.

To begin you will need a basic tool set and a ladder. In addition, it would be a big help to have an extra person helping with the project. Another person facilitates safety and the management of time.

The siding and roofing come off first. Gently guide the roofing from the top of the metal carport down to the ground. Neatly place all associated bolts aside for later storage.

Next, remove purlins if present. The purlins are used as support to the trusses. The trusses support the main frame of the metal carport. Hand each of the trusses to your partner as they become detached.

Next, you want to address the girts. Girts are similar to purlins, yet they support the side of the metal carport.  Depending on your model, they may or may not be present in the construction.

Remove the top rails. Have your partner support the uprights as you slide the rails out. After this is accomplished, only the uprights and bottom rails should remain. Remove the uprights from the rails and detach each of the rails from one another.

Most of the effort is addressed above. It is best to refer to your owner’s manual if there are complications. Carports can vary in construction, so you can also refer to your original vendor or the manufacturer for additional suggestions and help with your metal carport.

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