Keep your Valuables Safe from Thieves & Burglars

News reports that sheriff offices around the nation have seen an increase in burglaries, in the past few months. Law enforcement needs everyone’s help in preventing break-ins and burglaries and in finding those responsible. So we decided to make sure everyone has a few ideas on ways to protect themselves from these types of situations.

When doing yard work you want to make sure not to leave yard or lawn equipment lying outside in sight of passersby’s while not in use. When you have finished using any lawn equipment make sure to store it in an enclosed garage or storage shed, and if possible lock your storage buildings.

If you are using carports or automotive canopies to shelter your vehicles or RV, make sure that you leave your windows rolled up, and the doors locked. You should also make it a good habit to remove any valuable items such as purses, laptops, cell phones, and wallets from the car, and at least move any other items of interest like CDs out of sight.

These are just a few quick ways to help keep your items out of the hands of thieves and burglars.  Check with your local law enforcement for additional ways to keep your property safe. If you are in the need for an steel garage, metal building, or storage shed to help protect your investment contact us at (888) 620-0004.

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