Metal Car Covers – Affordable Protection for Your Vehicles

Car covers are designed to offer affordable protection for your vehicles – car, camper, boat, RV or trailer. Whether canopy or metal carport, the cover can prevent exposure to UV rays which can fade expensive paint and offer protection against water damage, mildew and mold. Durable metal car covers also offer protection against snow. Made from high quality galvanized steel, these covers often come with silicon-coated roofs for added safety. A car cover is considered ‘affordable protection’ because it is less expensive than a garage, but can offer excellent resistance against the elements as well as falling leaves and debris.

You can choose a roof with standard, vertical or boxed eaves for your steel car cover. A regular style roof has a barn shaped roof that is rounded on all the sides. Boxed-in eaves have an overhang and keep off the rain – they prevent water from entering at the point where the roof meets the wall. Vertical car cover roofs, like the boxed style, have an A-shape and an overhang which is specifically designed to allow snow to slide off easily.

A reliable supplier allows you to build and price out an affordable metal car cover – single, double or triple – that is resistant to fire, moisture and pests. These covers come with various customization options – besides roof style, you can choose the color combination you prefer using the company’s online color chart and also whether or not to have a partially or fully enclosed car cover with extended side panels and roll-up doors. You can also choose to buy a metal car cover that is certified to meet your’s state’s wind and snow load specifications. With so much flexibility, you can easily find a dependable solution that stays within your budget.

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