Metal Garage Buying Tips

As you start the search for the company to design your metal garage, there are a few things to keep in mind. These tips will ensure that you get a metal garage that provides what you need while eliminating cost surprises along the way.

Do not:

* Allow yourself to be rushed – Sales pitches that rush you into a decision or offer you a “last on the lot” metal garage are more likely to benefit the sales person than you.

* Go with the lowest bid just because it’s the lowest bid – There aren’t any metal garage companies that aren’t in it for a profit. The lowest bid on your metal garage just means that it will be constructed with the cheapest and possibly lowest quality materials available.

* Cut Corners – Your metal garage will be around for a long time and will prove to be a great investment. Trying to cut corners usually ends with an unsatisfactory result which you’ll probably want to change later, at greater expense. Get the building you want and if it costs a little bit more, it will be worth it in the long run.


* Look closely at deals that are too good to be true – When you get bids on similar metal garages that are thousands of dollars apart, Take a look to see what’s really being offered. There is a good chance the low ball offer isn’t going to be anything thing like what you’re expecting.

* Make sure your metal garage meets local building codes – Prior to signing your contract, get in touch with your local building officials once you have your metal garage specifications from your supplier.  Make sure that the specifications on load bearing for snow and ice, ability to withstand wind speeds, and other requirements meet the local building codes. If changes have to be made later to meet local codes, they will drive your project costs up. You can avoid these extra charges by verifying that your metal garages meet all local building code specifications.

* Get everything in writing and verify the details – Some manufacturers may push to get started prior to the signing of the contract. This tactic can be accompanied by a cancellation fee so watch out. Starting work on a metal garage prior to specs being agreed upon rarely works out in the buyer’s favor.

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