Metal Garages For Sale

In case you haven’t noticed on our website, Carport Empire has some amazing metal garages for sale right now. Metal garages can be great for protecting all sorts of equipment. If you have a garage now, and it’s filled with junk you’re afraid to throw away, it might be time to invest in a metal garage. These garages can go anywhere on your property.

One thing to also note about the current metal garages we have for sale, is they have the best strength on the market. We understand the weather outside can be brutal, we live in Florida.We have a very strong idea on how bad the weather can get!

What Can Be Placed in Metal Garages

Metal garages can have pretty much have anything in them. Some people love to put in their Christmas stuff. Some it might be just their vehicles, others it might be their baseball stuff. The biggest thing is storage when you have this much storage it’s amazing. Storage is super sweet. If you’re a person like me and you struggle with clutter being everywhere you might want to consider this the perfect investment. 

How long can they last?

These garages can last a lifetime. Not only a lifetime but an eternity. If they’re taken care of really well not only can they last but they can look great. Having a great looking and long lasting product is what makes a company great.  These garages can last because the metal is incredibly solid and durable. The durability comes from the thickness of the raw steel built into them. The steel and metal is not incredibly thick but it’s strong and that’s the part that most of the customers we have love about it. I know people that bought this product around 30 years ago and it’s still going strong today. How great is that. If you buy a product and you know it will be around in the year 2050.  Very few products these days can actually be considered lifetime lasting these days.

Where Can You Buy Them?

This is what makes CarportEmpire great. You can buy anytime anywhere, all you need is the internet. If you’re in Fort Worth, Texas and you’re looking for a a steel garage, we can get it to you. The best part is we can get it to you for a supper affordable price.  We have people that can help you set it up as well. We are not going to leave you hanging. You can order by contacting one of our reps or if you fill out a contact form on our contact page and we will contact you.  We have a way where you can purchase through the phone.

How Tall Can The Garages Be?

As tall as you want! This is another great part about having your product customized is it can become what you want it to become! Not only can it be tall but it can be wide. With the custom style garages you’re able to go in and make the door to fit you. This is important because you may not just want a standard door. You might want to go with a door that will fit you perfectly if you’re tall. If you want the height to carry in products that might be substantially huge you might want to get the door adjusted or customized to fit that size. The biggest thing to understand when you buy any building or anything from carportempire, is to know all of the specifics of what will be stored in the building. For example, if you have a tractor that you want to store in the garage, measure the size. Product size is incredible valuable.

Small Metal Garage

The Weight of the Product

The weight will depend completely on the size. If the size is bigger the weight will be up there. You don’t have to worry about the shipping with the weight. The reason why is it goes back to the fact that Carport Empire loves to take care of you and they know how to get the product to you and on time, with out you paying an extra dime. Other than shipping, the garage will need to be placed in zone that will be able to hold a very strong weight in other words you want to put it on a solid foundation. A garage built on a week foundation will eventually pay the price. Cement can be very difficult to place a garage on if the cement is already hardened. You will want to build the product into very good cement but you will want to make sure it’s wet and not hard. This is where we will help. We know and understand the best possible options for you. We say that with experience behind our belt.

How Many Metal Garages Are For Sale?

There’s an unlimited amount of metal garages for sale. They come in all shapes and sizes. If you look on this page you can click on the state that you’re in. Once you click on that state you can see some of the metal garages that are available for sale in your area.

Whats the difference between a Metal Garage and a Carport?

Interestingly enough, there are some very strong differences between a carport and a metal garage. The first is the walls. Carports don’t have walls, where as metal garages have walls. With the walls, you also have a garage door and a door in the garage. Carports mainly just provide a ceiling. The ceiling is about the only thing a carport and a metal garage have in common but yet those are completely different as well.  A carport usually has a smaller ceiling and is shaped in a different A shape.  A metal garage costs more money and is worth the investment. Both can last forever.

How Long Can Metal Garages Last?

It usually depends on how long you will reside at where the metal garage is built. If you move, you will probably lose the garage as well. It’s very difficult to remove a metal garage from the ground and then send it to another area. You might as well just buy a new metal garage if you’re moving. The best part though is the metal garage will increase the real estate value of the home. What you’re doing with a home that has a metal garage is you’re adding way more real estate space to the property. More space with a nice roof under it creates a very strong value.

Metal Garage For Sale







The Things You Can Do To a Metal Garage

You can do many different things, you can add in a heater, that will make it very warm in those tough winter months. You can also add in a really nice floor. Those with very big garages and nice cars love to add in a nice sleek flooring into the garage. With the warm temperature and the nice flooring this makes it incredibly nice and comfortable. Lets face it men love to make the garage their office and this is a really incredibly great idea.

If you’re in the market for a new garage you really did find the right site. We have hundreds and customized garages to fit all of your needs.

Carport Empire also installs the metal garage. We understand that you don’t specialize in metal garages. if you did you probably wouldn’t be buying one. For this reason, we have the best installation process for your metal garage. If you have any questions about metal garages you can also contact us, we have the best staff ofcourse!

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