New Wood Floor Option For Storage Buildings

We are excited to announce the new addition of storage buildings with wood floors to allow for a true portable storage building. These buildings use the same 2-1/4 galvanized tubing framework and the 29 gauge painted exterior metal with 12 colors to choose from as the other storage buildings. Before if you wanted a floor other than dirt then a concrete pad was required with the building on top.

No Longer Will You Have A Simple Dirt Floor In Your Metal Storage Buildings!

New Wood Floor Option For Storage BuildingsThese floors are constructed with 2×6 pressure treated floor joists and 3/4 inch pressure treated plywood to make them sturdy and long lasting. If you have planning and zoning restrictions for buildings this may also be the answer to your problems. With the built in floor and being on skids they are not considered permanent structures which will often pass them through any zoning problems. For install they are still blocked and anchored to meet local metal building and zoning requirements for the wind, snow loads and other requirements for the area. They can come preassembled right to your door or in a kit for a DIY project and range in size from 8×8 feet up to 12×36 feet. There are also many options to choose from including walk in doors, oversized pedestrian doors and multiple roll up door sizes to choose from.

Don’t forget our financing options of up to 60 months or rent to own with no credit check. Call today for pricing on your custom portable storage building.

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