Parking Guides for your Carport or Garage

We’ve all heard the story of the neighbor kid down the street who took out the garage door or the back wall or support beam of the carport with a slight miscalculation and one foot on the gas pedal. Do you have a teen driver just learning the rules of the road? Or a family member who’s simply a clumsy, calamity-prone driver? Make sure your carport or enclosed garage remains intact with a parking guide.

If you’re looking for a parking guide for your carport or enclosed garage and have a knack for electronic gadgets, you’re in luck. Two popular garage guides on the market today are the laser guided parking system and the proximity sensor system. The laser guided parking system is easily mounted onto your garage or carport ceiling. When your car approaches, it triggers a motion sensor and a beam of red light is emitted downward. When you see the tiny red dot appear on your dashboard, that’s where you safely stop and the laser shuts off automatically. Dual laser systems are available for two-car garages and carports.

A proximity sensor system works similarly. Typically wall-mounted, these sensor systems light up when your car reaches a predetermined point in your carport or garage. Most laser guided and proximity sensor parking systems range from $15 to $35 and many require only a Philips head screwdriver and a nearby AC power source for easy installation. Battery operated options exist as well, including one that features a stop sign that waves and blinks when your bumper comes into contact with the pole.

A parking mat is even easier to install. Pull the cover from the anti-skid adhesive strip on the bottom of the pat and place it on the garage or carport floor where your front right or left tire (or rear tire if you back into your garage or carport) will rest when your car is parked in the right spot. These mats feature two raised strips. When you feel your tire go over the first raised strip, that’s where you stop. It’s much like the stop sensors you feel beneath your car when you pull into an automated car wash. And the cost is minimal – $10-$18.

Of course, you’ve still got the old-school methods of placing wood or cinder blocks on your garage or carport floor or hanging a tennis ball from the ceiling with a string. But those swinging tennis balls can get in the way. And once you’ve stubbed your toe on a cinder block a time or two, a more sophisticated parking system will seem well worth the money to even the most frugal among us.

If you’re looking to add a carport or enclosed garage to your property, browse the Carport Empire website or call us at 1-800-985-7678.

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