Reflective Insulation for your Enclosed Carport, Garage or Metal Building

Among the least expensive, yet effective ways to insulate your enclosed carport, metal garage or metal building is by installing reflective insulation. This lightweight, moisture-resistant insulation made with polyethylene foam and aluminum foil acts as a barrier against air infiltration and is resistant to all three types of heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiation. Carport insulation, when installed properly, it acts as a thermal break, radiant barrier, vapor barrier and sound barrier. These factors mean that it helps keep your structure warm in the winter and cool in the summer, reduces energy costs and condensation, and muffles outside sounds coming into your enclosed carports space.

Developed based on technology first used by NASA, reflective insulation works by reflecting heat away from surfaces, unlike other insulation methods that simply slow down conductive heat transfer. The carport insulation’s aluminum foil content reflects 95 to 97 percent of the radiant heat that strikes it, allowing only three to five percent to be emitted through the installation. This is important in metal carports, steel car cover, metal garages and metal storage buildings because during the winter, heat inside a climate controlled metal structure is reflected off the insulation’s surface back into the building, keeping it toasty inside. During the blazing summers, heat radiated through the roof is reflected off the insulation’s surface back to the roof, never getting inside your structure.

Reflective insulation is non-toxic, fire resistant, mold and mild mildew resistant and helps ward of pests including insects. It can be used in most any area of your new metal carport, metal garage or metal building including stud walls, side walls and around pipes and duct wraps. Since it’s moisture resistant, it can be used with other insulation materials in any type of climate or weather condition. And it’s easy to install, around any enclosed car port, using just pair of scissors or razor knife, staple gun and high-quality foil tape with no protective gear (such as gloves and breathing masks) needed.

Many reflective carport and garage insulation products on the market today are Energy Star qualified and eligible for Energy Tax credits. Be sure to check with your insulation provider or manufacturer for Energy Star certification and tax credit eligibility.

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