Residential Carports

Residential carports aren’t just for cars. Of course, they’re a great way to protect your vehicle from the sun, rain, snow, tree sap and other environmental elements. But many owners find multiple uses for their residential carports.

Larger,  residential carports can be used to cover and protect vehicles and other equipment that typically wouldn’t fit in a smaller, enclosed garage, such as large boats, tractors, RVs or motorhome and tractor trailers. And they’re a great add-on to your current attached garage for extras including jet skis and four-wheelers.

Smaller residential carports can be situated to be used as walkway covers to keep you from getting rain drenched on your way, and for picnic table shades. If you’re planning a party, family reunion or other big get-together, take it outside. A large residential carport is a great way to allow your guests to enjoy the fresh air while being shaded from the sun.

If you have a swimming pool, a residential carport can help keep out leaves and limbs that fall from trees, leaving you with hours of cleaning to do. Livestock and outdoor pets can find shade from the sun and rain beneath them. And an enclosed residential carport can be used to as storage for most anything that doesn’t require climate control.

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