Safe Outdoor Pet Shelters

Based on one of our previous posts about different uses for carports, we have had a number of mentions that although some of the standard carports and enclosed garages are great for animals and family pets, like dogs; that the pump houses are a better fit for most dogs.

Many owners like to remove the door or install a door with a doggy door entrance and have a chain link area fenced off for the dog to be able to run around and/or site outside. The pump houses are smaller and seem to allow the dogs to feel safer and more secure, verses the larger carport structures. These pump houses, like other storage buildings; make it easy to install small ptac or air conditioning units. This is great to keep your pet cool in the hot summer time. So if you have only one dog that spends a lot time outside and you’re looking for a more permanent and safer structure you may want to keep in mind these pump houses. As always we want to remind you to keep an eye on your pets and to make sure that they are safe, regardless what type of outdoor shelter, from any inclement weather conditions.

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