Setting up a Steel Garage – Follow Building and Zoning Rules

Enclosed Steel Garage with Double Roll-Up DoorsIf you are setting up a steel garage, it’s crucial that you follow building and zoning codes. Steel garages are accessory buildings and all accessory structures have to meet local building codes and setback as well as zoning requirements. This applies regardless of size or whether a permit is required. Zoning rules are applicable on all properties, regardless of size. They set down restrictions on how you use your property. This includes:

  • Height and overall size of the garage
  • Proximity of the garage to other structures
  • Area percentage of a building lot that may contain structures

Garages could be limited to one story. There are rules regarding the maximum size and height. There are also zoning regulations on minimum setback from the front property line, and sometimes from the side and rear property boundary. A garage may have to be set back a specific number of feet from a neighbor’s property.

Before you set up your steel garage, contact your local planning agency to find out how your property is zoned. If you want to replace a single car garage with a two-car garage, and your new structure will be located closer to your neighbor’s property line than permitted by zoning rules, you could get a variance.

Carport Empire is an experienced dealer in steel garages and other type of storage structures. Besides offering you a wide inventory of quality steel buildings to choose from, this experienced dealer can help set your garage to meet your specifications as well as local building and zoning rules.

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