Setting Up Your Pole Barn

Metal BarnsWhen you require a cost-effective coverage for things like boat trailers, lawn tractors, farm machinery, and horses and livestock, a pole barn is the ideal solution.

Pole barns are amongst the simplest buildings to construct. They don’t have floors. Several holes are dug around the foundation and concrete footings are poured into these holes. Tall, decay resistant poles are embedded in the concrete. Horizontal beams are fixed and connected along the top and bottom of the poles to support the barn’s walls and roof frames. The floor of the barn is the ground which is specially prepared and strengthened with layers of processed stone, gravel or wood chips. This keeps it from wearing away or turning muddy. In fact, pole barns are a more affordable option than other types of metal barns as they involve less foundation work.

Options available include single, double and triple section storage barns. Make sure you know exactly what purpose you expect your barn to serve before you make your selection. This is help you determine the barn’s height, width, area and so on. Roof styles include gable, shed, hip, and gambrel. A gable roof with a steep slope is ideal if you live in an area with heavy snowfall. Moreover, ventilation is the easiest to manage with a gable roof. Remember to ensure proper airflow if you are housing horses or livestock. Coming to doors, you can opt for sliding doors, roll up doors or overhead doors with automatic openers.

It’s best to rely on professional support when setting up your pole barn. Your vendor can provide you with a customized solution.

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