Seven styles of Soft Top Canopies are available

Well, sometimes not everything – but, certainly close to everything – needs a steel structure for protection from the elements. Carport Empire’s soft top canopies are the perfect solution for those situations when durability, style, and at times portability are necessary, along with excellent pricing.

Seven styles of soft top canopies are available, including AP Max canopies, barn style canopies, decorative canopies, engineered structures, peak style garages, collapsible pop up canopies, and ports. This wide choice provides you with a host of uses in many different circumstances. If you’re thinking big, AP Max canopies are large enough to fit six or more vehicles under them for protection from the sun and elements. Engineered structures are for those who really think big – imagine a high and wide tunnel made from sturdy and durable fabric and supports – and ports are designed for two vehicles and/or a vehicle and a boat or a vehicle and a trailer.

Decorative canopies and pop up canopies are designed with grace and style, perfect for sheltering guests and their chairs and tables at any outdoor event, from weddings to parties to family reunions. Decorative canopies are available in several sizes, configurations and colors, and can be anchored on a lawn or a hard surface such as a patio.

Engineered structures have a wide variety of uses and are so large and sturdy can be used as airplane hangars, by city or state DOTs for large construction and road maintenance equipment covering, or other large industrial equipment storage. These structures are perfect for construction or temporary location sites which need reliable covering, but can easily be moved or removed.

Barn style canopies are ideal for vehicle storage, and are large enough for motorhomes and larger trailered boats. Other choices are small enough for storage of property maintenance equipment such as wood cutters and also simultaneously provide storage for cut wood.

Like all other structures from Carport Empire, the selection of soft top canopies is wide, and uses for these practical covers is only limited by your imagination. All Carport Empire products are manufactured from the best and most durable materials, and you can always be assured each and every canopy is only crafted with the best workmanship.

These canopies – and all Carport Empire steel buildings and covers – are available in all of the Lower 48 states, along with free shipping and installation. Check with Carport Empire for zerodown financing on larger products. Carport Empire accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit and charge cards.

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