Shelter Your RV with a Quality Metal RV Carport

Whether your RV is a motorhome, travel trailer or truck camper, protecting it against damage caused by harsh weather conditions, falling leaves, tree sap, pinecones, and other debris is crucial. Renting storage space for your vehicle could prove expensive. In fact, you don’t have to consider hiring a cover as you can always get an affordable metal RV carport to shelter your RV. A motor home carport can be purchased and set up easily – all you have to do is choose the right option, place an online order with a reliable carport company, and relax while expert builders install it on your site.

The height and width of your RV cover will obviously depend on the size of your recreational vehicle. You can customize your single, double or triple carport to suit your specific requirements. Durable and attractive steel motorhome carports are available in widths of 12 feet to 40 feet. Leave room inside to walk around and for the doors. The height or center pitch of the roof would be 3 feet taller than the leg height. When deciding height, remember to allow for items mounted on the roof of the vehicle such as an air conditioner unit, bicycle rack and antenna.

There are many options to choose from when you build your metal RV carport. You can have the sides fully enclosed and convert it into a metal garage. Different metal gauge tubing options are available. Getting braces and anchors would ensure added protection against heavy wind and snow. Your dealer can provide you with an uncertified car cover or a certified steel RV carport backed by an engineer’s seal of approval. Choose from various roof patterns and colors to customize your RV carport to blend with the rest of your architecture. Besides affordable Buy Now packages, leading dealers offer easy financing plans for quality metal RV carports.

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