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Small Barns

A small farm barn is a great investment especially when yard space is limited. Carport Empire supplies affordably priced small barns for urban, suburban and rural settings throughout the 48 Continental states. Our compactly designed, barns are ideal for storing garden tools, equipment, a small tractor, or a few heads of livestock.

Choose from

  • Small horse barns
  • Little pole barns
  • Small steel barns
  • Small tractor barns

Small Farm Barn to Meet Your Specific Requirements

We can help you set up a small barn with maximum storage capacity. You can use it to clear out the clutter in your garage or basement as well as to store your tools, equipment and other valuable investments. If you want a small horse barn, we can provide you with one that ensures proper lighting, ventilation, protection from the forces of nature as well as anything else required for the safety of your animals. Oursteel barns are built of high quality steel.

  • Customizable side wall height, and barn length and width
  • Durable steel paneled gable roof with both ends and sides covered for added protection
  • Excellent airflow to resist humidity, dust, termites and other irritants
  • Completely enclosed doors with roll-up or standard walk-in doors
  • Multiple color choices to customize your barn to blend with the environment
  • Certified and uncertified barns

Built to stay cool in summer and warm in winter, your small barn would add to the beauty and utility of your landscape, however limited the space.

Hassle-free Installation and Upgrades

Carport Empire is based in Live Oak, Florida. If you want to set up a small barn, just call 1-800-985-7678and speak with our service representative. We have a team of experienced engineers at hand to help design a small barn to suit your specifications and budget. They can set up your small barn on level ground or concrete slab with the least disruption to your environment. Should you need an upgrade, Carport Empire can add on to your small steel barn at any time.

Call us today – easy financing plans with zero money down are available!

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