Solar Panels on Carport Rooftops May Cut City’s Energy Costs

In recent carport news, Bexley Ohio officials are considering installing four carports topped with solar panels in the parking lot of the city’s police station. If approved, the project would be funded by an Ohio state energy program tied to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Among the goals and tasks of the Act is to invest in the domestic renewable energy industry and the weatherizing of 75 percent of federal buildings. Baxley’s solar paneled carport experiment is designed to help the police station conserve energy and save the city nearly $75,000 in energy costs over the next 20 years.

At Carport Empire, we think utilizing carports in ways that help save energy, cut costs and otherwise positively contribute to a community is a great idea. We’re wondering what ideas you may have, too. Have you seen carports being used in some way to facilitate or further a great community initiative? Or do you have any ideas you’d like to suggest?

At Carport Empire, we’ve built thousands of high quality open and enclosed steel carports to serve a range of purposes. Clients use them to house livestock, serve as artist’s studios or crafter’s workshops, even dolled up playhouses for kids and decked out mancaves for dads wanting a place to hang with their buddies on game day.

How do you use your Carport Empire carport? Reply to our blog with your stories and ideas.

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