Steel Buildings for Motorcycles and Toys

It’s you and the outdoors, always; you’re a collector of the fun things in life that come with a motor and a zest for living. But, where are you going to keep your treasurers? You know that Harley could easily disappear one day in the back of a blackguard’s truck when no one is looking, or, even worse, that classic 1940 Indian Chief you spent years finding and lovingly restoring is way too precious to every leave exposed even for a moment to the elements or people with less than honorable intentions.

You need a clever, permanent solution, and that solution is a steel building from Carport Empire. A steel building – with your choice of amenities including types of doors and windows, plus the ability to add an alarm system if you choose – will provide safe and secure storage for your tooportable treasurers, giving you the peace of mind knowing they are out of harm’s way.

A Carport Empire steel building, whether it’s in the form of a garage, work and storage building, or enclosed building with an attached carport cover, is built to last and protect your treasurers against the corrosive forces of wind, rain, snow, hail, the blazing sun, and anything thing else Mother Nature can send your way.

In addition to your collection of motorcycles, a Carport Empire steel building can house your ATV, lawn and property care equipment, or perhaps be your long-desired wood shop with all of the appropriate tools and supplies.

Importantly, Carport Empire steel buildings are all available in certified and non-certified versions. Certified structures are wind speed and snow rated for compliance with city, county and state regulations for your area, and, upon request, we can provide engineered plans for 110 M.P.H. or 130 M.P.H. wind loads. Certified structures are backed by our engineer’s stamp of approval. Non-certified steel buildings are not load rated, but are perfect for farm uses as an equipment cover or livestock shelter.

Carport Empire offers our online estimator to determine the best size and right price of building to fit your budget. Our highly qualified staff is ready and always available to help you create the perfect building for you through a special order.

Don’t take chances with your treasurers – let Carport Empire with its wide selection of steel buildings provide you with the comfort and peace of mind knowing you have a safe and secure structure.

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