Steel Garages and Cars

You’ve got the ‘57 Chevy. Against all odds, you even found a ‘64 Volkswagen crew cab pickup truck, with the fold-down sides around the bed. Life is good. But, that Corvette tucked away on the back corner of that used car lot winked at you the other day, so now what do you? You’re out of garage room, and you have so many tools now, you’re cramped for space. There’s an easy solution: a Carport Empire steel garage.

There are so many steel garage choices that are all affordable, and so many options, you can get that Corvette, and maybe later that Porsche, too. Steel garages can be built to suit, so however much room you need, you can have it, including room for shop tools large and small, and even an engine hoist. Everything can be enclosed, or you can have a combination building with an attached carport. It’s a car mechanic’s dream come true, and all at affordable prices.

When you have a car collection such as yours, you absolutely have to make sure it’s in a safe environment. Carport Empire steel garages are built from only the best, strongest materials, with high levels of pride and craftsmanship. Depending on your location anywhere in the Lower 48 states, all necessary permit and building code requirements are met. Your insurance company will love you because Carport Empire steel buildings are designed and built to withstand wind loads of 110 M.P.H. and 130 M.P.H., depending on need. Snow loads aren’t a problem because heavy loads are planned for and dealt with in the design phase.

Rain, snow, wind, hail, the heat of the sun – all of Mother Nature’s graces are met and conquered with Carport Empire steel garages. Just as added icing on the cake, you can even have your steel garage in a choice of 13 colors so everything on your property blends well together. Don’t think you need to divert a lot of dollars from your car purchase funds for a steel garage. Carport Empire has a zero-down financing program, and there is free shipping and installation to everywhere in the Lower 48 states.

Carport Empire also accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit and charge cards. If you don’t think we’re serious about helping people who are serious about their cars, check out our ongoing NASCAR sponsorship. We know car people, because we ARE car people.

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