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Car Ports

Carport Empire is the place to order custom and prebuilt car ports. We specialize in pre-manufactured, do-it-yourself, and portable car ports. Our car ports are built to either certified standards, able to pass any and all municipal, county, and state regulations, or, in the case of many farmers and agricultural areas, non-certified. However, certified or not, all of our car ports can support regulatory snow weight, rainfall, and wind resistance.

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Christmas Carports

Everyone has that special someone on their Christmas list that is always difficult to buy for. The holiday standards like gift cards or socks just don’t cut it but they are also the person who has everything they could possibly need already.  Gag gifts seem lacking and larger gifts can feel like they don’t fit that person very well. We all have that kind of person on our list, which is why we are happy to introduce the idea of a Christmas Carport. Continue reading

Portable Carports for All Weather Protection

When you are looking for a quick and easy seasonal cover, opt for a portable carport or car canopy. Available in ready-to-go kits, portable carports provide great weather protection. They can accommodate cars, trucks and boats, provide storage space for materials, supplies, yard equipment, or personal items, and provide cover for backyards, decks, outings, and special events. Continue reading

Building Safe Metal Car ports

Metal CarportsMetal car ports may be either attached to the house or built as free-standing structures. A car port is a more economical option compared to a garage. Besides a car, boat or other vehicle, a spacious carport can be used to store other seasonally used articles. Sometimes, they even serve as recreational or additional work space. For all these reasons, it’s important to ensure that your car port is safe and can withstand tough weather conditions, including heat, rain, heavy wind and snow. Continue reading

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