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4 Tips for De-cluttering Your Garage

It happens to all of us, we have a large garage that somehow has been packed with so much stuff that we just can’t fit our car anymore. If this has happened to you, we have four tips for de-cluttering your garage and creating a spacious area of your home that is organized as well as does its job… being a home to your garage. Continue reading

Spending and Saving on Steel Garages

Steel garages, as well as structures built with other materials, can have wide variations in prices resulting from several different factors. Steel garages sit between those constructed of wood and aluminum, with wood structures being more expensive and aluminum costing less. Where to spend and where to save on steel garages will largely depend on your needs, the level of customization, and local building requirements. Here are the areas where you should spend money and areas where you can save it. Continue reading

Getting Started: Two Initial Considerations for Your Metal Garage

The process of buying a metal garage that serves all of your needs starts with two considerations which will greatly determine the design and construction of your garage. The first (and probably the most obvious) consideration is the intended use or uses of the structure. Continue reading

Certification, Zoning Requirements, and Building Codes for Steel Garages

Meeting the necessary certification, zoning requirements, and building codes for steel garages is often seen by homeowners as a major barrier to getting the type of structure they want.  While getting required permits and approvals can take some time, getting steel garages put in place usually follows a similar path regardless of the city or municipality in which you live. The process can be divided into two steps: Continue reading

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