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Metal Carports, Certified or Non-Cerfied

Many people are having a hard time determining whether or not to buy a certified or non certified metal carport. Carports in most areas have to meet certain requirements in areas that may be effected by high winds or heavy snow. Metal carports can be purchased with a certified wind rating to guarantee the consumer that the carport will stand up to a high velocity wind. These metal carports will be delivered and installed with anchors that are rated for the wind load in the area it will be installed. Certified metal carports will also carry a set of blueprints used for any permitting that may be needed to install the carport. Continue reading

Protect Your Car with Metal Carports

thumbs_dw-classic-carport-3Everyone should look into providing shelter for their car. People put a lot of money into their cars; people pay for the car, the fixes, the upgrades, and so much more. So they want what is best for their car, just like the way that parents want the best for their children. However, garages seem to be the go-to shelter for cars. This is where the problem lies, because people are standoffish when it comes to forking out large sums of money for a garage. The great news is that metal carports are all that is necessary for sheltering your car! Continue reading

Carports can be used for More Than Just Vehicles

carport-optionsEveryone knows that carports are fantastic for protecting your car. They block out the sun, rain, and any other elements that come into play. However, it is important to know that carports can be used for so much more. Do you want to have some extra space for that always desired toolshed? Or do you simply want a place to escape to that will allow you to work on your hobbies in peace? Whatever the case may be, with a little bit of creativity, a carport can be turned into something original and great that can be thoroughly enjoyed. While you take a second to come up with some great ideas, here are a few for now: Continue reading

Carport Coverage for RVs and Motorhomes

Purchasing an RV or motorhome is a life changing and rather expensive decision that can lead to some of the best times of your life. Whether you are a retired couple looking to drive across the country or a family with a love for vacationing on the road, an RV is an excellent choice. However, it can be difficult to store an RV or motorhome when you aren’t exploring the nation in it. Luckily, we have a solution for you that not only protects your expensive investment but also is inexpensive, easy to install and looks great. Continue reading

Christmas Carports

Everyone has that special someone on their Christmas list that is always difficult to buy for. The holiday standards like gift cards or socks just don’t cut it but they are also the person who has everything they could possibly need already.  Gag gifts seem lacking and larger gifts can feel like they don’t fit that person very well. We all have that kind of person on our list, which is why we are happy to introduce the idea of a Christmas Carport. Continue reading

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