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Christmas Carports

Everyone has that special someone on their Christmas list that is always difficult to buy for. The holiday standards like gift cards or socks just don’t cut it but they are also the person who has everything they could possibly need already.  Gag gifts seem lacking and larger gifts can feel like they don’t fit that person very well. We all have that kind of person on our list, which is why we are happy to introduce the idea of a Christmas Carport. Continue reading

4 Tips for De-cluttering Your Garage

It happens to all of us, we have a large garage that somehow has been packed with so much stuff that we just can’t fit our car anymore. If this has happened to you, we have four tips for de-cluttering your garage and creating a spacious area of your home that is organized as well as does its job… being a home to your garage. Continue reading

Four Areas that Metal Storage Sheds are Used

When I say the words “metal storage shed,” What do you think of? If you are like many people, you think of a metal shed in a green backyard on a home property that stores items like the lawnmower and maybe holiday decorations or that is home to a husband’s woodworking hobby shop. If those things are what first came to your mind, you are exactly right about what and where the majority of metal storage sheds are used. But did you know that there are precisely four main areas that metal storage sheds are used? Because metal sheds are created to store practically anything, they are often used to house more than the lawnmower, in fact they are used to store heavy machinery, work inventory, etc… Continue reading

Carport Empire – Choosing the Best Carport

When it comes to choosing a brand new carport for your home, ask yourself why it’s needed. Do you simply need it for storing your vehicles? Or do you need a something more like a metal building that will provide you with space to store away your personal items or outdoor equipment? Do you have livestock on your property that could use a good, protective building to stay in? And what type of carport or storage building material would you be the most interested in? Continue reading

How a Steel Building Company can Reduce Your New Office Expenses

A steel building company can reduce the cost of your next office location. The savings come from a variety of advantages that steel buildings have over other building materials and can reduce costs at the beginning of the build out and over the long term. With economic conditions as they are, reducing costs wherever possible makes sense, especially if it’s a fixed cost like a building. Continue reading

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