The Case Against Canopy Kits, Garage Kits and Building Kits

It sounds simple and affordable: buy a do-it-yourself canopy kit, garage kit or steel or metal building kit and skip the extra costs of a professional installation. After all, the kits come with all the easy-to-read instructions and diagrams. How hard can it be, right? Perhaps the actual assembly of a canopy kit, garage kit or steel or metal building kit is easy enough. But there are multiple factors that must be taken into consideration and handled correctly and safely before you grab your hammer and nails.

A top priority is ensuring that the space you select for your canopy, garage or steel or metal building is a safe distance from any underground wire, gas lines or utility lines and that the ground where the unit will be placed has been completely leveled. Also, some cities, counties and states require that structures be certified, which means they meet specified engineering codes. This certification assures that your canopy, garage or steel or metal building can withstand wind and snow loads and comes only with professional installation.

Carport Empire’s installation professionals know what to look for and how to make sure your canopy, garage or steel or metal building meets building codes and permitting requirements in your area – and installation is no extra charge. We do ask that you ascertain the locations of underground wire, gas lines and utility lines prior to our beginning work at your property. If you’re unable to level the site ground, Carport Empire can dig the base rail into the ground for an extra cost.

With professional installation offered at no extra cost, why hassle with the DIY canopy kits, garage kits or steel or metal building kits and risk the high costs of mistakes? For instance, a building that fails to meet or exceed building codes can be ordered demolished, and hitting an underground wire or gas line can be dangerous. Forget the hassles and call a Carport Empire today at 1-800-985-7678.

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